My entire curriculum vitae can be found here.

some highlights:


Ph.D., Social Psychology,                                                                     University of California, Davis                                                             Dissertation Advisor: Alison Ledgerwood                                       Dissertation Title: The reifying effect of symbols: How group symbols influence social perception                                                 Expected 2015


2014       Best Poster, GPIR Poster Contest at the Society for the                              Psychology Study of Social Issue convention

2013       Dispute Resolution Research Center Student Scholarship,                         International Association for Conflict Management                                     conference

2011       Runner-Up, SPSP Graduate Student Poster Awards

2010       Grant in Aid, Society for the Psychological Study of Social                         Issues


Ledgerwood, A. & Callahan, S. (2012). The social side of abstraction:                       Psychological distance enhances conformity to group norms.                   Psychological Science, 23, 907-913.

Soderberg, C., Callahan, S., Kochersberger, A., Amit, E., & Ledgerwood,                    A. (in revision). The effect of psychological distance on                              construal level: A meta-analysis.

Callahan, S. & Ledgerwood, A. (in revision). When does “this land” need                  to be “our land”? The importance of ownership for                                      symbolizing group identity.

Callahan, S. & Ledgerwood, A. (in prep.) Why flags & logos matter:                            Group symbols increase perceived entitativity.

Callahan, S. & Ledgerwood, A. Buildings and belonging: Understanding                   the antecedents of using symbols to represent group                                 identity.


Ledgerwood, A., Callahan, S., & Chaiken, S. (2014). Changing minds:                        Persuasion in negotiation and conflict resolution. In M.                            Deutsch, P. T. Coleman, & E. C. Marcus (Eds.), The Handbook                    of Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice, Third Edition.                          San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Callahan, S. & Ledgerwood, A. (2013). The symbolic importance of                            group property: Implications for intergroup conflict and                          terrorism. In T. Walters, R. Monaghan, & J. M. Ramirez (Eds.),                  Radicalization, Terrorism, and Conflict. Newcastle upon                            Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.



Social Psychology, UC Davis (Summer 2014)

General Psychology, UC Davis (Spring 2014)

Teaching Assistant

Psychology of Emotion, UC Davis (Spring 2014)

Psychology of Religion, UC Davis (Winter 2014)

Prejudice & Sexual Orientation, UC Davis (Fall 2013)

Social Psychology, UC Davis (Spring 2010)

Research Methods, UC Davis (Winter 2010 & Spring 2011)

Introductory Psychology, Seton Hall University (2007-2009)


2014       Undergraduate research project, Lorena Albernoz

2014       Undergraduate research project, Maxwell Hong                                          Title: Group symbols, size, threat, and their effect on group                      identity

2010-     Lab Manager, Attitudes and Group Identity Lab                         2012

2011       Honors Thesis, Ruth Anne Pfaff                                                                          Title: Effect of height on construal level



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